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The IAWTI Web Directory has been permanently removed!

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IAWTI Web Directory was hurting your rankings!

IAWTI Web Directory has been deindexed and the page rank had been stripped by Google. If you had links on this site, it actually HURT your rankings in the Google Search Engine. The site was purchased by a new owner and all links have now been removed.  For more information, see the article below.

The IAWTI Web Directory has changed owners!

Over the past several years, the IAWTI Web Directory has been providing links for web users to help with Search Engine Optimization.  During those years, IAWTI Web Directory had been a highly ranked and respected member of the Web Directory community. Recently, Google deindexed IAWTI Web Directory from search engine results and stripped the domain [...]

Search Engine Optimization has changed!

For years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a process of "tricking" Google into thinking that your site is important for a particular set of keywords.  Since the middle of 2012, Google has set out to reduce the amount of "Search Spam" that is present in their search engine results.  To this end, Google released [...]