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The IAWTI Web Directory has been permanently removed!

The IAWTI Web Directory has changed owners!

Over the past several years, the IAWTI Web Directory has been providing links for web users to help with Search Engine Optimization.  During those years, IAWTI Web Directory had been a highly ranked and respected member of the Web Directory community.

Recently, Google deindexed IAWTI Web Directory from search engine results and stripped the domain of their page rank, as part of the their 2012 Search Engine Algorithm updates.  This effectively removed any value (for search engine purposes) to any site listed on the directory, and in fact, actually hurt sites who had listings in the directory.

IAWTI Web Directory had over 80,000 sites listed in their directory.  Many of these sites received notices from Google that they had “unnatural links” and were penalized in the search engine rankings.  As soon as this began to happen, IAWTI Web Directory received many, many requests per day to remove sites from their directory.  This overwhelmed the part-time staff of the site and the requests for link removal were ignored.

Two Search Engine Optimization companies were having a discussion one day and the topic of the IAWTI.ORG site came up.  Both agencies had multiple clients with links on the IAWTI.ORG site and were getting no response from that organization.  After discussing the issue and facing the prospect of having to deal with the same issue with new clients, the Two sister firms partnered together to purchase the IAWTI.ORG domain in order to solve this issue once and for all.

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